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Down Corn Auger


To keep corn down from leaning over the side and losing

hanging ears. Advantages compared to the competition are that

the auger starts at the point rather than the back bonnet and

angle back toward the center of the row. These features allow

immediate correction and straight pull down of the stalk into

the rolls. It has a simple suspension system that allows the

snoot to float across the ground.






High Residue Flex Finger


Incorporates light stalk and leaf build up in dry afternoons

with crop so that the material doesn't build up on the

bonnets and auger. It is mounted on the back of the

flighting so the crop doesn't interfere.






Tall Corn Attachment


Reduces ear loss in tall, down and lodged corn. The

attachment can be adjusted up and down and out of

the way if not needed.










Turbo Chop Shield


Provides highest level of residue sizing decreasing

the size of the plant material left in the field. Combine

the stationary knife with a half moon shield keeping

material in longer to achieve a finer cut.


Only available on 30" rows and wider.







Stationary Knife


Improves chopping quality in tough stalk situations.












Extended Bubble Tip


For use in irrigated areas. Bigger bubble protects

snoot in fields with pivot tracks.








Stainless Steel Twin Row Kit


Protects poly from excessive wear in twin row corn.









Standard Sunflower Knife Kit


Allows your Drago to be a dual purpose harvest machine

with ease. The knife slides up between the two deck plates

and locks into place by tightening just three bolts.










Heavy Duty Sunflower Knife Kit


This system uses three spinning blades that are driven by

the gathering chain for a smoother separation of the sunflower

head from the stalk.



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