Horsch Maestro SW

The Future of Pneumatic Single Grain Seed Technology



The Maestro is universally suitable for corn, soybeans, sunflowers, sugar beets and cotton. The patented Maestro single grain technology excels due to three main features: the unique metering system, the extremely small single grain metering unit and the placement quality control.


The metering system is based on a completely new metering disc. It does not have the usual holes, but grooves that open up to the outside. Thus, together with the new scraper, the singulation results are excellent at working speeds up to 9 mph.


The crucial factor for these results is the smooth transition of the grain from a circular to a linear movement at the release point. There are no disturbing centrifugal forces in the seed tube, resulting in zero seed tube bounce.


The software in the Isobus terminal is set up in such a way that the driver can clearly see every skip and double as well as the variation coefficient for every single row. Thus, the driver can respond any time to the most different conditions like seed or seedbed quality and use the machine to its full capacity. The working speed can thus be adapted to the individual requirements for placement accuracy.


• Precise singulation up to 9 mph working speed

• Carrying capacity of 140 bushel of seed and 1,000 gal. of fertilizer

• 12 or 24 - row version

• Row spacings of 30 inches

• Down pressure up to 770 pounds hydraulically adjustable

• Seed on demand system for a continuous supply of seed to each meter

• The unique Maestro metering system

• Universally suitable for corn, soybeans, sunflowers, sugar beets and cotton

• The extremely small single grain metering unit

• Heavy duty HORSCH seed units

• The exact control of the placement quality

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