Horsch Joker RT

Clever Alternative to Vertical Tillage and Tandem Disc Harrows



The Joker is the first tillage tool to introduce high-speed compact disc technology to North America. It’s a proven minimum-till practice that’s unlike any other on the market. This true residue management system offers a wide range of benefits to trump any of your existing tandem discs, field cultivators, vertical tillage implements and seedbed preparation tools. In other words, the Joker does what others can’t.


Residue Management


The Joker is a true residue management system. That means it does more than chop the residue. It blends material into the soil to speed decomposition and incorporate nutrients into the soil.


Soil Consolidation


The Joker MT and RT Series consolidate the topsoil to create the perfect environment for decomposition and form the ideal seedbed. This helps speed up residue decomposition, prevent erosion, conserve moisture and create the perfect seedbed.


Fertilizer Incorporation


Because of its excellent mixing capabilities, the Joker can be used to incorporate fertilizer and manure into the soil after it is spread on top of the ground.


Rut/Clump Control


The positioning and mixing action of the disc blades effectively fill in ruts left by machinery and nature. This, combined with the excellent clod- and clump-crushing ability of the Roll-Flex finishing system, produces a smooth field finish — no matter how rough it was before.


High-Speed Operation


The 20-inch discs of the Joker allow it to operate much faster than traditional tillage tools. In fact, it works best at speeds from 8-12 mph, leading to significant fuel and time savings.


RT Series


The most popular choice of producers, the RT Series is offered in a variety of working widths. These units are available with the iDepth system for precise, automatic depth control

• Clever alternative to vertical tillage and tandem disc harrows

• Aggressive residue sizing

• Excellent soil/residue blending

• Agronomic benefit of soil consolidation with Roll Flex

• Higher working speeds at 7-10 mph

• Working depths of 1" to 5"

• 20" blades set on 17 degree angle for optimum soil engagement

• Manual or Electronic Depth Control

• Integrated Roll Flex System: Effective soil consolidation and field finishing

• Low maintenance with only 6 lubrication points

• Torsion blade arms for protection in rocky/stony conditions

• Oil filled blade bearings for long life and zero maintenance

• Working widths from 23 to 37 feet

• Pull type, Cat IV or V hitch

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